Apple HomePod Space Grey


Apple HomePod Space Grey

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Sounds new at home.
The HomePod is a revolutionary speaker that adapts to its surroundings and delivers hi-fi sound no matter where it is. With Apple Music and Siri, you can discover and interact with music at home in a whole new way. And he can help you with everyday tasks and control your smart home – all with your voice.

Little body,great sound.
You wouldn’t actually expect the rich, detailed sound of this speaker with its size. The HomePod combines audio technologies developed by Apple and advanced software for a precise sound that fills the entire room. And because it is less than 18 cm high, it fits anywhere in your home.

Uses the whole room. Automatically.
Setting up the HomePod is quick and easy. Just plug it in and your iOS device will find it. With its room detection, the HomePod automatically adjusts for optimal sound, no matter where you place it. Pair it with a second HomePod for an incomparable stereo experience. And bring audio for multiple rooms into your entire home with AirPlay 2.

Space-filling sound,from wall to wall,the ceiling to the floor.
Place your HomePod somewhere in the room. With its room detection, it automatically analyzes the acoustics, adjusts the sound based on its location and separates the music into direct and ambient sound. Direct sound, including vocals and instruments, is directed towards the center of the room, while ambient sound is distributed across the left and right channels and reflected off the walls. In this way, the entire room is filled with rich and clearly defined sound.

A stereo couple and a new dimension of sound.
A pair of HomePod stereo speakers works together to create a wider, more space-filling sound atmosphere from the very first moment – with a much larger optimum range than a pair of conventional stereo speakers. Each HomePod automatically recognizes its placement in the room and adjusts the music precisely and in balance with the other. Directly from the first song he plays. A HomePod stereo speaker pair not only produces a room-filling sound, but also brings a great bass extension with a richer, more precise reproduction of low frequencies.

Control music anywhere at home, from one room with AirPlay 2.
If you place a HomePod in several rooms, the speakers communicate with each other via AirPlay. So you can tell Siri to play jazz in the living room and the Vaiana soundtrack in the kids room. Or the same song anywhere in the house. Everything from where you are. If you move through the house, your music can follow you. Just ask Siri to move the song from one HomePod to another. So you don’t miss a second. You can even control all your other AirPlay 2 compatible speakers with your voice using the HomePod.

Knows music well.
HomePod gets the most out of Apple Music.1 With Siri intelligence and access to over 50 million songs, it learns what you like. And help you

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HomePod is a speaker that senses its location and tunes the music to sound super wherever you are in the room. With Apple Music, access over 45 million songs, and combined with Siri, it can learn your taste in music. HomePod’s speaker combines Apple-engineered audio technology and advanced A8 chip to deliver the highest-fidelity sound. When you add HomePod to multiple rooms, the speakers talk to each other through AirPlay. Ask Siri to play different music round your home, or to play the same song everywhere.

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