KontrolFreek FPS Freek CQC – PS4


KontrolFreek FPS Freek CQC – PS4

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  • Faster targeting at short-to-medium range
  • Concave surface for more comfort and grip
  • Perfect for young gamers with smaller hands
  • Negligible height increase for little-to-no adjustment period
  • Controller skin not included
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CQC is an extremely versatile Performance Thumbstick that adds only 6.1mm of height to your OEM sticks. It was designed for close-quarters combat to provide optimal control and grip in first-person shooters but works well for any game or scenario. FPS Freek CQC was designed for hyper-aggressive, rush-type players who like to be the first to the objective. FPS Freek CQC’s concave thumb surface is built for excellent comfort, grip and control. The 6.1mm of height added by CQC creates a nearly seamless feel for those looking for big results but prefer less adjustment time. CQC is also perfect for younger gamers or those with hands on the smaller side. CQC helps increase all-around accuracy, too, so it will surely help you get the most out of short-to-mid range munitions like shotguns and subs.

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