PS4 Pro Controller Nacon Revolution – Orange Version 2


PS4 Pro Controller Nacon Revolution – Orange Version 2

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Compatible with : playstation 4
The revolution pro controller 2 will include among other new features:-
Manual configuration of the four shortcut buttons for instant adjustments.
Customisation of the left stick in addition to the right, plus the ability to set the directional pad with 4 or 8 directions.
other features requested by the gaming community, will give the revolution pro controller 2 even more possibilities.
New improved customisation software ui customisation software compatibility with mac os x 10.11 (el capitan)/10.12 (sierra) systems fully customisable left stick and right sticks (dead zone and response curve) possibility to set the directional pad with 4 or 8 directions manual configuration of m1/m2/m3/m4 shortcuts on ps4™ pro control mode in addition to the above features.
The revolution pro controller 2 is fully pc compatible* and equipped with a new usb type-c wired connection for a simpler and safer use of the controller.

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The innovative convex right analogue stick is at the very core of the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 2 design.Its amplitude and height are enhanced to allow for an incredibly high degree of accuracy. Its larger head is to ensure precise movement even during the most intensive gaming sessions. It has been increased in size to ensure precise movement even when the game is at dramatic climax. The analogue stick is also encircled by a backlight halo LED, which indicates which of the two controller modes the player is using. The dead-band and response curve of the right stick can be also be adjusted using the PC companion app. The smaller left analogue stick, with its concave head, gives the player the grip and confidence they need during competitive gameplay

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