XBOX 360 Battlestations Pacific


XBOX 360 Battlestations Pacific


Experience every aspect of fierce WWII naval combat as you command a host of US and Allied air, sea and underwater units through intense, action-packed missions in hotspots across the Pacific. At your disposal are over 60 legendary war-machines, including huge aircraft carriers, battleships, destroyers, land and carrier based bombers and even submarines, all equipped with authentic weaponry.

Action based gameplay allows you to switch between all units under your command at the press of a button, whilst firing real-time orders to position the rest of your squad. In total control of breathtaking multiple unit battles you will engage the enemy in fierce dogfights, launch multiple attack squadrons from a carrier, fire the massive guns of a battleship, whilst launching deadly torpedo attacks from a hidden submarine.

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  • Revolutionary Gameplay:  Experience epic WWII combat from multiple perspectives as you jump between dozens of units, playing as a pilot, a gunner, a submarine captain or even a carrier fleet commander.
  • Massive Battlefields:  Every battle takes place simultaneously in the air, on the sea and beneath the waves.  Movement of your fleet and the individual efforts of any one vehicle is critical to success.
  • Innovative Online Multiplayer: Huge multi-unit online battles with up to 8 players controlling over 100 units on Xbox Live and online.
  • Sixty War Machines.  Each warship, plane and submarine is authentically designed.   The more players know about each units profile, capabilities and weaknesses the better they will fight. 
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