XBOX 360 Kinect Dr. Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercise


XBOX 360 Kinect Dr. Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercise


In Dr. Kawashima’s Body And Brain Exercises, players move their body to exercise their brain using the Xbox 360 Kinect device. Based on the research of the internationally renowned Dr Kawashima, the game invites players to follow a program of simple physical coordination exercises to improve their brain age. Multiplayer gameplay lets friends and family join in the series of fun, lively body exercises and compare their brain age scores. Game Features

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  • Follow Dr Kawashima’s program for the first time on a home console – The famous Brain Training franchise will be available for the first time on Xbox 360
  • Use Kinect to Exercice your brain and your body – The previous Dr Kawashima games only involved your brain. Using the Kinect Device, you become the controller. Your legs, hands and arms are your tools to give the right answers
  • Concept by Dr. Kawashima – The previous Kawashima games were adapted from the Doctor’s books. For this game it was actually his idea to involve the whole body to exercise the brain
  • Enrol family and friends – Play with up to 4 players in rounds to see who is the best at maths, logic, memory, reflexes and physical exercises
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