XBOX 360 Peter Jackson’s King Kong


XBOX 360 Peter Jackson’s King Kong

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Video games based on movies have never had a terrific track record but this looks like breaking the mould forever. Not only is the Peter Jackson himself involved; but so is the Michel Ancel, creator of video game classics such as Rayman. The results look extraordinary.You take on the roles of both Jack Driscoll and the mighty Kong. Being the big monkey is great, naturally, but the feeling of power is neatly turned on its head when you play as the considerably more vulnerable Jack. It’s an intense, absorbing romp.

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  • Alternating Gameplay first-person as Jack Driscoll AND experience the staggering power of King Kong in third-person
  • Cinematic Quality from both a visual and audio perspective
  • Experience All Key Movie Moments and More Journey through the explosive action
  • Battles with all creatures featured in the film
  • Film Cast Likeness and Voice Full immersion into the dynamic King Kong universe
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