XBOX 360 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent


XBOX 360 Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Double Agent

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Splinter Cell returns with an all-new story of double-dealing terrorists and uncomfortable moral decisions. Its greatest new feature though is its multiplayer, which continues to expand into the definitive online stealth experience.You can only imagine that Sam Fisher must get a good pension, because he doesn’t seem to have an easy life. This time his role as a double agent in a terrorist group forces him to constantly make difficult moral choices, from big set piece decisions on whether to execute hostages to simple choices in-game such as whether to help out civilians. Although there are few significant changes to the controls this time around, for once most of the game doesn’t take place in the dark. Stealth is still paramount though, especially since two onscreen trust meters track whether you’re still in favour with both the terrorists and the NSA. The terrorist base also acts as a sort of hub world which you keep returning to between missions and slowly explore and unlock as the game’s story unfurls.

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  • Double agent gameplay and branching storyline: Play both sides and decide between opposing NSA and terrorists objectives. You choose who’s priorities to support, and who’s to undermine. Your actions affect the story and gameplay, leading to shockingly different endings.
  • Upgradeable weapons and gadgets: As you progress get access to upgraded prototype gadgets and weapons, like improved night vision, based on your choices and covert skills.
  • Authentic double agent tactics: Use realistic tactics, based on testimonies of actual undercover agents, to sabotage the enemies’ plans.
  • Don’t blow your cover: Steal, destroy, kill, and evade the authorities. Do whatever it takes to make your mark and gain their trust.
  • A world of International espionage: Go from Shanghai and Cozumel to America itself, where New York City and Los Angeles are threatened by the terrorists’ agenda of destruction.
  • All-new extreme gameplay situations: Conduct your missions underwater amidst churning ice floes, in a blinding sandstorm, or even sheathed in dust and smoke.
  • Innovative multiplayer: The critically acclaimed multiplayer modes are back with new innovations and exclusives for each platform. Get recruited and earn rank upgrades, and sabotage and spy for your team.
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