PS5 vs XBOX Series X: What We Know So Far

PS5 vs XBOX Series X: What We Know So Far


Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 are the forthcoming next-gen games consoles from Microsoft and Sony, set to deliver more ambitious and graphically impressive gaming experiences than ever before.

Release window for both consoles is the “Holiday of 2020” (between October and December).  In other words, both next-generation consoles will be releasing at the same time, going directly head-to-head, most likely splitting gamers once again into camp ‘ Xbox ‘ or ‘ PlayStation ‘.


What will the new consoles actually do differently from the older Xbox One and PS4 ???????!!!!!!!!


Both companies appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet with their new machines’ internal specs.

PlayStation 5

  • PS5 will run off a custom-built version of the third generation AMD Ryzen chipset, packing in 8 cores with the company’s new Zen 2 architecture and Navi graphics.
  • PS5 will support ray tracing – a performance-intensive lighting technique that has previously been the reserve of expensive high-end PC GPUs, and which will be “built into the GPU hardware” for the PS5.
  • PS5’s will set new gold standards in immersive, 3D audio, particularly for those using a headset whilst playing. Intense ventilation capabilities for handling all the processing power.
  • PS5 will support screen resolutions of up to 8K – far higher than the standard 1080p HD of most people’s televisions, let alone that of the increasingly popular 4K.
  • PS5 will work at 120Hz refresh rates, allowing for super-smooth movement in games.
  • PS5’s commitment is to using SSD storage. It will be a custom-built piece of hardware!
  • PS5 DualShock controller – though there’s currently no official ‘DualShock 5’ branding, haptic feedback technology would replace last-gen “rumble” features, while “adaptive triggers” will be able to recreate different levels of resistance for different weapon load-outs or types of terrain you might be navigating in-game.

XBOX Series X

  • Xbox Series X will use custom AMD internals using the same Zen 2 and Navi architecture of the PS5, making it 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X!
  • Xbox Series X will be able to run content (if not games) at an 8K resolution, and it too will support 120Hz refresh rates. Xbox Series X will match the PS5 by offering ray tracing capabilities, and it’ll have an SSD too, here also used as virtual RAM to lift load times by up to 40x. Standard RAM will be of the GDDR6 variety, in an amount yet to be determined.
  • Xbox Series X will also be backwards compatible with the Xbox One’s supporting hardware accessories, meaning that you won’t have to rush out and buy new pads and headsets to accompany the console at launch. And, if you’re a sucker for buying boxed games over making digital purchases, it’s already confirmed to have a physical disc drive included.
  • Xbox Series X have also involved the possibilities of there being another disc-less console on the horizon codenamed Project lockhart. The theory here is that the Xbox Series X will be a high-end machine, while Lockhart would be a budget option focusing on streaming (possibly in the vein of the Xbox One S All Digital Edition).
  • If you’re concerned about being eco-friendly then the Xbox Series X may not be for you. The PS5 will be much more energy efficient than its predecessor, the PS4. The Xbox Series X will be pulling twice the power of the Xbox One X – and putting out more heat as a result.


Xbox Series X

  • Halo Infinite, aka Halo 6, will be a launch title for Xbox Series X. In addition, we also know Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II will be releasing for Xbox Series X.
  • Xbox Series X will be backwards compatible with all existing Xbox platforms from launch. If you have games for the original Xbox, the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, there’s a good chance they’ll work on Xbox Series X – especially your Xbox One library.

PlayStation 5

  • The likes of Watch Dogs: Legion and Godfall will be making their way to PS5.
  • PS5 will be backwards compatible, at least with your PS4 game library. On PS3, its yet to be confirmed!

Game Streaming

With Google entering the gaming fray with its Google Stadia game streaming platform, Microsoft and Sony have actually entered a partnership to share and collaborate on game streaming technologies for the next generation. Exactly how this will play out remains to be confirmed.


As for other titles? Some of the more ambitious games will definitely make their way over to the newer machines in “remastered” or “definitive” editions. A lot of games that are currently in development, and due for release, will be cross-generation titles. The likes of Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us: Part 2 on both current and next-gen consoles.


  • Xbox Series X or the PS5 cost is an exercise in speculation. It’s simply too early to tell, and there are too many missing factors for us to make an informed decision on the final price.
  • Certainly, the specs teased don’t come cheaply. These are going to be high-end machines at launch, and will have significant price tags attached as a result.
  • The virus…yes the famed Corona Virus, is affecting projections on production costs as its base manufacture region is Asia.
  • Comparatively, looking back at the pricing of the Xbox One and PS4 at launch in Nairobi, PS4 proved to be the more popular console with an attractive price point of Ksh 45,000. That was a relative steal compared to the Ksh 56,000 of Xbox One.
  • One company will inevitably undercut the other, but with specs at this stage looking so similar, don’t expect it to be so dramatic a difference this time around.


There’s so much yet to learn about the PS5 and Xbox Series X. But at this early stage, the similarities between the two consoles are striking.

  • The commitment to SSD tech, suggests a parity across both consoles for third party developers to work with.
  • First party gaming content is going to be perhaps more important than it’s ever been.
  • Nonetheless, there’s still tribalism among the fans, so hope for, and expect, nothing less in the console wars to come.


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