PS3 Naughty Bear

ps3 naughty bear

PS3 Naughty Bear

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After being mocked and ignored by the other bears once too often, Naughty Bear cracks and sets out on a stuffing soaked road to revenge. His weapons are limited at first so he has to use stealth to stalk his prey and set-up carefully planned traps to catch his victims and set-off a gruesome execution.

As you progress more and more weapons and objects become available, from simple clubs and knifes to giant cooking pots and fiery death traps. If the game had realistic graphics it’d never be allowed but since it’s only teddy bears you’re torturing it’s all good, clean sadistic fun.

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  • The game experience is different every time with a huge number of choices the players can make
  • Watch the bears gang up on you, form “factions” and work together
  • Evade “the Fuzz”, and increasingly dangerous Teddies as they scramble to react to your extreme naughtiness
  • Earn points through scares, intimidation and kills – rack up the points as you rack up the body count.


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