PS3 Bladestorm

ps3 bladestorm

PS3 Bladestorm

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Bladestorm The Hundred Years War puts gamers in the role of a rogue commander and gives them direct control of mercenary units in fierce clashes with English and French forces. The games unique style of action thrusts players into dynamic and ever-changing conflicts. Players must adjust their strategies as skirmishes evolve, and then deploy the unit best-suited to handle the challenge. At a players command is a broad array of troops including infantry, archers, and cavalry, as well as a variety of specialized units such as elephant units, cannoniers, and castle siege specialists. While each unit is comprised of autonomous soldiers, each warrior will contribute to the assigned objective.

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  • Free Mission System: Allows players to align their forces with either the French or English on a battle-by-battle basis. This unparalleled freedom allows players to take on different assignments, or simply experience a given battle from an opposing side.
  • Game progression: Game progression is wholly dependent on a players decisions and accomplishments on the battlefield.
  • Players must establish a reputation as a dependable and capable leader by successfully completing each mission.
  • The reputable commander will attract more desirable troops to his employ, and will be asked to take on weightier challenges that reflect his status as a fighter and leader of men. The troops themselves will also become more lethal as they gain combat experience. Through


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