XBOX 360 Terraria


XBOX 360 Terraria

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Console Edition – Content & features; Console specific control system, a friendly crafting/item interface and a bespoke tutorial world allow you to experience Terraria at its best; Online multiplayer is easier than ever before – up to 8 players!; Split-screen multiplayer 2-4 players; Additional content includes New Enemies and Final Boss as well as Ultimate Weapons, new Armours and Pets never seen before!; New music from Terraria’s original composer; World-Map – helps you navigate your Terraria world a little easier;

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  • 14 different environments (including dungeons, floating islands, jungles) that go to the extremities of the earth, up in the sky and all the way down to the very deepest depths of the world
  • Hundreds of weapons, armour and other items to craft, with character advancement
  • Explore to find different materials and make exotic potions, laser guns, magic wands, flamethrower, diving gear, speed boots, grappling hooks, chainsaws, magic mirrors, etc
  • 29 different block types to build whatever you imagine!
  • NPC’s and a swarm of enemies (over 150 types) including goblins, wyverns, unicorns, and-GASP-clowns!
  • In Game events and Day & night cycles


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